"Michelle's greatest gift to us was stepping in as a clear, strong advocate and providing my husband and me with a logical plan based on decades of experience. I particularly appreciated that she recognized the vital role my husband played in helping our family get to our breastfeeding goal. It took more persistence and commitment than I knew I had, but with Michelle's guidance through pumping, SNS usage, supplements, rest, and frenectomies, we were able to get to 100% breastmilk by 2 months postpartum, and 100% nursing by 3 months postpartum. Our pediatrician stated she had never seen such a successful outcome with breastfeeding, from such a poor start in terms of delayed lactation. Thank you, Michelle!"  ~J.B

"Michelle is a life saver, after going to 4 Lactation consultants in the state where I live I almost lost hope, I still didn't want to give up and reached out to Michelle remotely as she was out of state. Michelle was so positive in all our conversations and within a few weeks of talking to Michelle I was breastfeeding exclusively. Follow what she says and you will be a successful happy breastfeeding mom. She's a great advisor for your baby even outside of lactation concerned topics.  A million thanks to Michelle, I couldn't have done it without her advice." ~ Reka K

"Michelle has been instrumental in guiding me in this journey. Her excellent advice and reassurance has helped me make it this far and I cannot express my thanks enough." ~ Anu